Selling Your Property

Why use GP Weston
to sell your home?

We’re proud to offer the best service to our clients.

  • Specialised marketing services – We go above and beyond to market your property to the right people.
  • Presenting your property – We use the latest technology to showcase your property at its best.
  • Our company, our responsibility – We’re incentivised to get the best offer for your house, as it’s reflected in our company.
  • Property Experts – We’ve earned our experience and enjoy sharing our expertise.
  • Reaching new markets – We’re use targeting and retargeting campaigns to reach and engage potential new buyers.
  • The single point of contact – You’ll only ever have one point of contact at GP Weston, who will become the expert on your property.
  • Our 0 weeks contract – We are happy to act for you as long as you want.
  • Low overheads – We’ll spend more on selling your home.
  • Focused on your property – We limit our active property portfolio so we can focus on providing you with the best service.
  • No red tape – We want to help you sell your property without any hassle or red tape.
  • Your interests come first – We can’t promise you a record price, quick sale or anything else beyond our powers, but we promise that we will always put your interests above and beyond our own.

Get in touch for a no-obligation consultation on your property and see if GP Weston can help you.

We look forward to speaking with you.

How we are different

We will always go the extra mile for our clients. That’s why we’ve created a choice of expert services to sell your property.

We will be honest.

During our initial market appraisal, we will discuss your timings, thoughts, and goals and offer tailored advice to suit your circumstances. We will be honest.

We’ll make your property memorable.

Our detailed descriptions of your property help buyers remember that gorgeous log burner tucked away in the snug or the stunning westward views over Blackmore Vale. These details make a house a home and will stick in the memory of your buyer, even after visiting multiple properties.

We will use our specialised marketing services.

If you choose to use us, we will attend the property with the photographer to stage every photo and ensure your house looks its best.

We use the latest technology

What we love about selling houses (especially in the countryside) is the opportunity to “go to town” (pun intended) with drone photography and aerial shots.